The craziest thing to happen to me yet

We had the craziest thing happen to us this past winter, and I didn’t think it was as crazy then as I do now after cleaning off my digital camera’s SD card.  So here goes…

I will set the stage for you.  Five of my buddies from college planned an ice fishing trip.  First off, ice fishing is a totally male dominated sport; you never see women unless they are with men, and so on. So we always joke that when were out on the lake in our hut were going to run into 5 other hotties that also planned a fishing trip…dare to dream, right?

So first day goes good blah blah, second day we get put in a new ice house in a different location–these are big ice fishing houses 8 x 16 feet, so we have room to hang out and fish. We were catching fish, shooting the breeze, and around 2pm we hear a knock on the door, “Who’s that?”.

A lady is standing there saying she is a conservation officer and would like to see our licenses, but she has no uniform on, nor did I hear her car or snow machine, so well, we get our licenses out. She starts laughing saying she is fucking with us, and that she is in the shack about 50 yards away. So we start talking and she is all full of energy and chatty, at one point she looks out the window at our tip ups on the lake and presents her ass to us like a deer would in the wild before mating.

Needless to say were 5 drunk guys and we get dirty with her, but she likes it and says that she could take all 5 at once; we laugh and she said she needs to get back, but will come later and visit. So we laugh in complete disbelief of what just what happened, and go back to fishing.

A couple hours pass and she comes back, and its just 3 of us in the hut then the other guys were out checking tip ups and stuff.  She bullshits again and then asks if we want to see her muscles, we say yeah, why not.

BOOM the shirt is off, she tells us she wears no underwear. So everyone comes over. A couple of the guys just GTFO; they were freaked out her husband was going to come over and kill us.

Time passes, and she wants to show us her tattoos, so pop go the pants down to about the vagina and she has a playboy bunny that looks like it has been hit by 2 cars over her vagay, and a devil on the lower back that would pass as an okay jail tattoo.

By this point there are only 3 of us left in the hut, so at this point you are probably wondering how she looks. She’s in her 50’s, not attractive even with the amount of booze we had in our system (and she had a boob job b/c they hung like a pygmy’s), but I figured we should get some pics…and we did.

Then we try to set our friend up who doesn’t get much ass and she is ready to go , so we try to leave him in there but he runs out and won’t do it she comes out and makes fun of us for not fucking her.  She then tells us that they are swingers and it’s not a problem at all she–is a pro.  She then proceeds to tell us about last year’s deer season when they were fucking 3 guys in a deer camp and they didn’t have any lube, so she let the guys fuck her in the ass with ” I cant believe its not butter”. Just. Wow.

This has to be the MOST fucked up thing ever to happen to me or anyone ice fishing. I would have believed we would have caught a world record fish over some saggy skeeze wanting to have sex will all of us in our ice shack.

Sorry for the long message but we have a story of a life time.

Cliff notes: Chick wanted to have sex with all 5 of us while we were out ice fishing, but we passed on it, and took pics. Hid my friend’s identity b/c he’s worried about it.

Oh, almost forgot…here’s our Ice Queen.