New Years was busy and I drank in the morning

Last night was New Year’s Eve and the casino was slammed, as expected. Upper management had us park two miles away and bus us in so that the customers could use our parking spots.

Waiting in my suit for a bus at 8:30pm in the middle of a freezing industrial wasteland, I wondered how bullshit the night was going to be. I started out my night watching 4 pai gow poker tables, which is an easy gig. Nothing ever happens in pai gow poker. Just change the cards on the games every two hours and coast through the night. Chit chat with some players, and take it easy.

I was there for about 15 minutes when shift manager Jimmy told me to head to high limit blackjack. He said Mr.D is over there, and he needed someone that could maintain a cool head.

This was the bullshit I had wondered about earlier.

Mr. D is an absolute motherfucking motherfucker. He looks like a evil cherub. Short, fat, big cheeks and piercing blue eyes. He is rich, owns a luxury car dealership, is mobbed up, and from Sicily. Worst of all he’s not stupid. He has a gift of reading people. When he’s in the casino, he uses that gift to upset and offend as many customers and employees as possible. When I got to the section I understood why Jimmy was sending me over there.

This smoking hot pit boss was there dressed in a revealing formal dress running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Mr.D was having a field day with her.

Mr. D had more chips in front of him than was in the tray. I ordered for more chips, but if he won about three hands in a row, I was going to be out of chips. He must of sensed my anxiety about the money because even though he had over 100k in front of him, he wanted a tto (credit extended by the casino beyond the credit limit already set) for 50k. If he got the 50k from the tto, it would clear out the tray. If the tray is emptied and the game has to be stopped because there is no money to pay winning bets, I get a write up. I wasn’t authorized to grant the tto, I had to have a casino host do it, so I had to track down a casino host. Which was a tough thing to do when it was as busy as it was. During that time, God must of pitied me, because he started losing. In the five minutes it took to find a host for Mr.D, he had lost 100k and stomped off to terrorize another pit boss.

I was counting the money in the tray so I could give a accurate update to my boss as to how much he had just lost, glanced at the TV, and our casino was on ABC while they were doing the big countdown for Chicago… which at first made me feel kinda warm and fuzzy, because hey, we were on TV. Then that warm feeling turned to dread when I realized that 1000’s of people were partying upstairs and preparing to swarm the already packed casino floor in drunken stupors.

So the remainder of the night/morning sucked, and I decided that when I was off at 7:30 am, I was going to drink. I never had drank in the morning after work at the local bars. The wife was at work in morning, the baby was with the mother in law, so it was perfect time to reward myself for making it through the night, so I went to 1000 mg to get a reasonable amount of cbd products to help me relax.

I walked through the door of PortSide bar after work, and it was insane. People already drunk at 8am, screaming, dancing, and gambling. It was a mix of cocktail girls, dealers and pit bosses of all races. So I sit, and start to get drunk as planned. I went to break the seal, and three brothers crowded into the bathroom with me while I was pissing and started a street craps game in the shitter floor. I laughed and thought wtf.

A hot dealer that was going through a divorce came up to me and confessed that she had used meth for 3 years, was into abusive relationships and liked to take her clothes off when she drank. Before that talk I thought she was the Betty Crocker type. Apparently I misread that one. I was surprised by the lack of professionalism, but I wasn’t upset. It was entertaining and kind of nice that everyone could REALLY let go.

As everyone was getting more drunk, shit got more out of control. One of the dealers that I’m directly in charge of started talking about her cell phone, and before I knew it, she was showing me naked pics of her. She was surprisingly hotter naked than dressed.

Then the former meth addict came up to me and started screaming at me for no reason and slugged me (hard) in the shoulder. Then she turned her anger at my boss Dave, and started screaming at him. He didn’t seem to care. In a few minutes, her friends realized she was out of control, and took her to the girls bathroom. Dave then walked out to his car with a dual-rate (half pit boss, half dealer), and came back in about 20 minutes… I assumed he got his dick wet.

Some pipe fitters union guys came in, and it was looking like pipe fitters against pit bosses for a few minutes as words were exchanged before the owner came out and diffused the tension. After that, I drove home buzzed but not sloshed. I ended up going to bed at about 3pm. That was my New Years.

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