Lonely men have a hard time holding onto money

The first one is about Mr. Angry. He is an angry Arab man with money. Mr. Fu is a Chinese flea. (flea = term for people that have small money that are degenerate gamblers).

Fu befriends Angry and is like his lackey in the casino for a year. He takes him food, drinks, ashtrays, cashes his chips in at the cage and brings him back the cash. Angry has NO friends, so he likes the company. Angry even lets Fu gamble with his money while he’s in the bathroom and what not.

Three weeks ago Angry hands Fu $9,000 in chips to cash in at the cage. Fu disappears.

Weird thing is the dealer (who hates Angry) and myself start getting into a discussion earlier that night about how funny it would be if someone stole the chips he left on the table. I am starting to think I’m psychic, but only with bad news. I am the asshole psychic.

The second one is this 58 yr old farmer Mr M.

Mr.M plays poker, then if he does well wanders out to pai gow poker and flashes his money to the fleas. He must do pretty well for a farmer ($25,000k credit limit with us).

So I get to the section he’s in and he’s kicking our ass. He’s up maybe $20k, and has 15 of Gary’s finest cheats, beggers, and hustlers swarming him. I privately ask if the crowd is ok, and he says “Oh yeah.” . He’s feeding them all money to play. I leave that morning frustrated by the situation, but oh well.

My friend told me later that week after Mr. M finished at the casino he got a room at a hotel, and two woman rolled him for $70,000 in cash and $10,000 in chips. It was in the paper. Talk about no street smarts.

Yes.  It happened.

Lonely men have a hard time holding onto money.