I wished death on someone and they died

So there’s this player at my casino, Mr. S, is a HUUUUUUUUGE player. He owns an international company, wins/loses one million+ dollars a night. The maximum bet in our casino is 100k, and this guy bets it.

Mr S. used to be a fairly nice guy and pleasant to be around. Then slowly, over the course of say 4 years he became more and more of a prick.

This takes me to Sept 2nd, and him acting like a jackass on a game I’m watching. He lost a 50k bet, and picked it up and threw at the dealer. It was in 1000 dollar chips, so it was a big stack of fifty, and made a nice mess. When you bet that much, the casino lets you do what you want. We built a helipad for this cock.

Anyways, I go on break, and my brother calls me to the hospital to tell me my mom is dying / almost dead. So I leave, and later ask a friend how much he lost etc, etc, etc. I start badmouthing him and say that I hope he crashes his fucking helicopter into the ground so I can go dance an Irish gig on his grave.

The next night, the wife and I are watching the late night news and there was a story about a helicopter the went through a house. No one in the house was hurt, but the pilot and passenger were killed. Wife was about to change it, and I said “No, hold on, maybe it’s that mother fucking son of a bitch Mr.S.”

Well, it was. He and his fiance were both killed.

Not the best story, but just a story.

Cliff’s Notes version – I wished death on someone and they died.