Dateline-like sting

So I have a clique of pit boss friends at work, and this one guy, Mr.K, in our clique had some time off, and then stopped showing up for work, even though he was on the schedule.

We assumed he had been arrested for something or maybe in an accident. He dabbled in drugs and had just come back from Amsterdam a few weeks before, so we all assumed he brought back something and got busted.

One of the guys , John, called him and asked him what was up. He told John that he couldn’t say over the phone and that it was a long story. A month goes by, no one knows anything but we all are assuming drugs or casino scam gone wrong.

Finally John calls again, and this time Mr.K spills his guts and starts bawling. He was set up by a Dateline-like sting. He chatted online with what was supposed to be a 15 yr old chick.

During his fun vacation weekend with his gf (who is hot even though she is maybe 43),  he drove to Illinois to meet this chick. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucked. They have about a million charges, especially because he went over state lines to do it. He had sent her pics of his junk etc, etc, etc… He was in jail for a week and now is under house arrest until his sentencing in December. He is able to drive to his part-time shit job they let him get so he doesn’t lose his house. Even after he does his time and whatever, he will never work in the casino industry ever again and will be listed as a sex offender forever.

I know it’s hard to believe, but the dude was harmless. It’s also crazy because most of us are burnt out working in the industry, but this guy seriously loved it.