Contests involving MS Paint can be seriously fun

What happens when you mix a “just for fun” contest, porn pics, and peeps with too much time on their hands?  Yeah.  You guessed it.  If you couldn’t tell by the above intro image, then…well, get a clue.  We have surfed to the ends of the Internet to find some of what we called the “best in class” (if “class” even applies here, lol) porn pics converted to “safe” via the use of only MS Paint and copious amounts of one-handed skill.  How’s this done, one might ask?  Well…start with porno pics, add in a touch of perverted/sick/hilarious/twisted humor, and bake for 90 minutes at 450.  Out comes a collection of comedic pics of legendary Internet pop culture.

Inside the gallery of this post, you’ll see the ones we picked as the best.  The gallery is also over on our Facebook profile page, so you can toss up some some likes as you see fit.  You better like them, is what we’re saying.