Playstation "4" and Xbox "720" specs leaked.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Cali Korleone, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Cali Korleone

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    Just saw this today. Seems interesting.

    PS4 "Orbis"
    - AMD x86 3.2GHz APU Solution (Jaguar/Steamroller), 4 cores (2 core pairs), [Higher Clock than X720/Durango]
    - Maybe AMD 8000 series GPU solution [Customised Solution Possibly utilising GPU + APU combo]
    - 2-4GB GDDR5
    - Launch Fall 2013/Early 2014

    PS4 has a higher clock, but less cores and is using an APU solution (CPU & GPU elements combined onto a single chip). The PS4 has less RAM but is using faster GDDR ram, so the overall performance should be a wash.

    Next Playstation might not be called Playstation 4. As the number 4 is considered bad luck in Japanese culture. Similar to the number 13 in western culture. Possible it will use it's code name Orbis. Playstation Orbis.

    Xbox 720 "Durango"
    - AMD x86 Jaguar 1.6GHZ 8-Core [Targeting one core being dedicated for OS tasks]
    - AMD 8000 series GPU
    - ESRAM on the GPU (unknown amount)
    - 8GB Ram DDR3, [1.5GB of RAM likely reserved for the operating system]
    - Launch 2013

    720 has a lower clock, but more cores. 720 has more but SLOWER RAM. DDR3 RAM is usually good for things like multitasking etc....It is expected to be based on Windows 8 as well.

    GDDR ram is more suitable for Graphics Processing (In PS4), and DDR3 is more suitable for OS Tasks (720). It is expected that the 720 may need some sort of ES/ED Ram to compensate. Basically, don't get caught up in the RAM size but the RAM type.
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    Cool. I'll wait till they fix some of the bugs and then think about the 4
  3. Sk1n

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    I'll definitely get a 4. I can't wait O_O

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