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Discussion in 'Shortcircuit City' started by B00STED4V, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I'm working on creating a logo for my start up...I'm currently using Gimp 2.6, which is great, but i'm having some issues with the quality of my logo when I upload it to twitter and facebook.

    I've made it 1600x1200 and 300dpi, so I figured that it should be ok to be stretched in any way for printing or online publishing. In the Gimp program and on my faptop it looks fantastic but when I load it online it gets a little pixelated. Not much but enough to bother me and not look as professional as I would like.

    SO my question is, what can I do to fix this? I've heard that a Vector logo should fix it but i'm not sure, just wanted some opinions on here first before I move forward. And it only has 3 colors, so it's not overloaded with colors to cause this. When I upload it online it's as a Jpg.
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    B00STED4V Caution: Pees Everywhere When Drunk

    ...Also is there any other program that you would recommend if Gimp isn't the right one for this?

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