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  1. grendel

    grendel (>")>

    just roll up a latex glove in a washrag
  2. so tonto.. what/which one did she give you?
  3. Tonto-T

    Tonto-T Former Manwhore

    didn't get one... maybe for Christmas
  4. MysteryMachine

    MysteryMachine Well-Known Member

    OMG ha ha ha I thought that was a MTA (work) thing. The one guy I work with talks about that and one night made a double ended home made pocket pussy out of a wash rag and 2 gloves


    Thought about that for a second and it sounds bad. There was a group of us at the fire house and he was like "hey look what I can make". We were all like wow did you really just make that?
  5. Sk1n

    Sk1n My pitbull has balls as nice as mine

    They are pretty pricey. :ack:
  6. Flash!

    Flash! Some say he once threw a microwave oven at a tramp

    When it comes to things I'm going to stick my junk into, "cheap" isn't what I usually look for. :D

    Oh and if you really want one you can sign up for their email newsletter, they have sales pretty frequently on specific items. Not that I would know about such things...
  7. Tonto-T

    Tonto-T Former Manwhore

    still no fleshlight :(
  8. 19teal93lx

    19teal93lx I'm only 5'8" and I have a small penis.

    I thought the deep throat ones looked interesting. I really want to throat fuck a bitch.

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