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Discussion in 'Shortcircuit City' started by Mach1Run, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Mach1Run

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    So one of my desktops tanked the other day and I didnt have the time to jack with it so I took it in to have best buy work on it since I bought it from there. It was out of warranty but I said screw it and went ahead and let the geek squad have it. 4 weeks later i get it back. Take it home and fire it up. Windows 7 loads - they had to load 7 on the machine since the dont have vista anymore - and now its asking for the windows 7 activation key damnit. They install 7 but never activated it the ftards.

    So what options are there that work safely to activate it other than either buying an key from MS or dealing with GS again.
  2. Flash!

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    lol Geek Squad fail

    What version of Win7 did the load?

    Don't you have a Vista DVD that came with the computer? If there's a valid Vista key on the PC, it might be easier to go back to Vista rather than upgrade.
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    Bring it back to them and say "fix it now".
  4. Mach1Run

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    No DVD, they cheap out now and do a recovery partition which is all well and good unless your computer suddenly refuses to boot off the hard drive and then when you make a boot disk it no longer sees the recovery partition.

    I just got it all plugged back in and dont really wanna take it all apart just to have them type a code. Gonna call them in the morning Le-Sigh.

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