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Discussion in 'Shortcircuit City' started by B00STED4V, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. B00STED4V

    B00STED4V Caution: Pees Everywhere When Drunk

    I need help removing a white background from my companies logo, I think I need to make it a .gif or something to be able to remove the background. I saved it as a .gif file but that didn't do anything, so I'm not sure what else I need to do, any tips or help would be appreciated. I can't do a point to point cut out of it due to it having text that is separate from the actual logo, so I'm kinda stuck, I think.
  2. Mach1Run

    Mach1Run the court jester

    make it a gif then assign the background color as transparent. May take a little tweaking because if your background is blue, and part of the logo blue as well, they will both be transparent.
  3. B00STED4V

    B00STED4V Caution: Pees Everywhere When Drunk

    Yea I tried that but it still didn't work, I made it a PSD and removed the background by the lasso thing and then had to put it into a PNG file I was working on to save it that way. Otherwise the background would still show. Works well enough, thanks tho

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