How can you propose an idea without being ripped off?

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  1. erlymorninstndpmp

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    For example, I have an idea that would make shopping so much easier. I think itd be fairly easy to set up my idea and would be very profitable. Now how do I go about proposing this idea to a company, lets say Wal-mart, without my idea getting ripped off and me being left out of the loop ???

    I have had ideas like this before and never done anything about them. I am not an engineer or designer or anything, just an average guy with a good product idea. For instance, a few years back I had an idea and talked about it with my dad. We thought about why itd work and why itd fail. Low and behold two months later in a popular Mechanics magazine was basically the same thing I pictured in my mind. It was an engine designed without a camshaft. The article was very similar to what I pictured although obviously well thought out and designed... Again I miss my millions !! lol
  2. jdv

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    I dont know, there's not many legal options to protect "idea's"
  3. Faaip de Oiad

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    You have to look into patenting an idea. I'd either consult a lawyer, or try one of those 1-800-uinvent type places. Just to see what they have to say.
  4. rbohm

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    put your idea down on paper, and have that paper copywrited. that way you have a date when the idea originated. if the idea includes something that needs manufacturing, then get a patent on that part of the idea, again so you have something that has a date that is filed with a government office. once you have that done, then propose your idea, include the copyright and patent numbers, to what even corporation you choose.
  5. jdv

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    Also make sure you swing it through a lawyer (you'll probably have to anyways to have the idea protected) and make copies, doesn't hurt to put it in a safe deposit box if you think it's a really good idea.
  6. S&B

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    what your doing is called COnsulting, you need to get hired from a company by proving to them that you have what it takes to lower costs, then you pitch your idea on paper to them.

    dont just walk in there and say hey walmart if you do this you can make more money, b/c you will be cut out of the loop faster then beau go kicked of stangnet
  7. jdv

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    Being voted off the island is a bad thing :(
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    You can copyright or patent an idea.

    That's not to say that they can’t accomplish the same thing as your idea does by doing it a different way if they just reverse engineer what you are doing. Your idea has to be clear and unambiguous. At any rate, most large corporations won’t not get involved with intellectual property litigation and just steal your idea if you have prior evidence to your advantage. They may 'buy' your idea however as opposed to dealing with you to implement it.
  9. Danre

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    Seek advice from a lawyer :shrug:
  10. S&B

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    the more i read it, you have a Tangeble item. Like a invention. You need a patent which will cost around 10-20k depending on your lawyer. When we "make" things at our company we stamp patent pending on them and then send the cad drawings to our lawyer "patent lawyer" but we never really get them patented untill we sell lots of them then we go ahead and file, but our items are just minor improvements over others, so the moral of the story is no matter how much you protect it, if its super crazy nuts estonishing then you need to team up with someone b/c Other companies will copy your chit faster then you can blink.

    Hell we do this all the time.
  11. FallenPhoenix

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    talk to a copyright lawyer, you'll need some plans drawn up to actually implement the idea though. I'm not sure how it works for a policy or method of doing something actually, check into that too. The worst thing you can do is "suggest" and idea to a big corporation, they'll steal it without a second's thought, and most of the people in the company will never know it's stolen and will laugh at you when you say "that was my idea!".

    Talk to a lawyer.
  12. Noodler

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    You have much more rights at far less expense then anyone else here has suggested so far.

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