Gulf disaster the hidden truth?

Discussion in 'La Institución Mental' started by Stinky, May 1, 2010.

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    some of that makes no sense, like obama sending swat teams to guard other oil rigs :wtf: but who knows. WWIII is coming, its just a matter of time...
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    Fuck, I'm going to be drafted...
  4. makes sense. but they killed americans fuck kim jong ill or whoever the fuck his name is
  5. FreeBird

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    all i know is here is evidence exibit A-Z for florida politicians to say FUCK NO to drilling anywhere off our coast
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  7. Flash!

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    1) Does anyone really think North Korea can build a submarine that is so sophisticated it will avoid ALL of our underwater detection methods?

    2) If a North Korean "cargo vessel" "severely deviated" from its course that close to the US mainland, wouldn't that have attracted more than just a little attention from the US Navy?

    3) The Deepwater Horizon is flies the flag of the Marshall Islands (which are protected by the US). Who manufactured it is irrelevant, attacking it is an act of war against the Marshall Islands not South Korea.

    4) Can anyone find ANY other source that says a nuclear bomb is even a possible solution to this?
  8. FreeBird

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    yeah article is bs imo. but this incedent better mean were decades away from any drilling off our coast
  9. for srs Freeb. I don't believe it but think that it was definitely a doomed deal for BP. This is going to possibly sink that shit hole company.. and so be it.. they need to drop the execs off out in the middle of that slick fucking goddamn pricks
  10. jdv

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    Uh, no it isn't.

    BP contracted Transocean.

    Why drop off the execs off in the middle of the slick? I wasn't aware they blew up the rig.
  11. FreeBird

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    oh werent you.... WEREN'T you?!?!?!?!?


    for now it's simply a string of very unfortunate events, and this is really turning into and extremely unfortunate ecological event. i just hope it doesnt come down this way EVER, but especially b4 sunday. it's looking like were going out on the boat again for mothers day.

    i must say however that Obama is screwing this pooch worse than those damn niggers tried to say Bush screwed katrina. Atleast bush TRIED to act relatively immediately. its not his fault they didnt know how to use the 40+ busses he supposedly sent down there to help move the citezens away from the city :shrug:

    Our current Portch monkey waited how long to even recognize something bad /disaster like was happening off the VERY same coast line except to make an appearence almost a week after it was being reported as one of the worst in history. WTF M8???

    Exxon Valdees ain't got nothing on this BP platform's ability to truely fubar about half the gulf within the next week or so....


    and we all know whose fault thAt disaster really was...
  12. Flash!

    Flash! Some say he once threw a microwave oven at a tramp

    So we should depend on foreign oil instead?

    I agree that this is certainly a huge environmental disaster, but it's the risk associated with reducing our reliance on foreign sources for oil.

    Nobody talks about the hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil that offshore rigs in the Gulf bring up every day. BP alone pulls more than 400,000 barrels out of the Gulf EVERY DAY. This spill, while tragic, is a drop in the bucket compared to all the oil that is safely drilled.
  13. FreeBird

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    if we MUST drill which i personally feel we (private companies not govt) should be spending far more money on alternative sources of energy other than Coal and Oil rather than having a "oh this place is dried up lets drill over there" type of mentality. How about drill out in bum fuck nowhere Alaska. the fields up there house over 5 times the ammount of oil the gulf has and a spill there would affect 1/3 the wild life and 1/100th the human life :shrug:
  14. Flash!

    Flash! Some say he once threw a microwave oven at a tramp

    I'm certainly not an Obama supporter, but what exactly do you want him to do. Is he supposed to swim down there and manually activate the BOP himself? It sounds like they have all the resources they could possibly use but there's only so much you can do when the leak is nearly a mile underwater.
  15. FreeBird

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    :shrug: took him 3 days to offer up the use of coastguard and navy assistance. Not saying he should personally tie a divider around his middle and swim around it, but serioulsy 3 days to help in limmiting its spread?
  16. I say drop em off cause they didn't care to have a system THAT WORKED to stop the oil in case something like this happened.. usually comes down to profit over protection..
  17. FreeBird

    FreeBird Selbstmord ist Schmerzfre

    according to CNN no oil drilling rig in current opperation has safteys in place for this specific location that failed :shrug:
  18. then awesome.. take all the execs of every company out and throw them in the fucking middle of that oil slick. Maybe then they will get the safetys in place for oil rigs.. get it guys? They are in control of the rigs.. they decide what to do with them.. so let them figure it out that way..
  19. B00STED4V

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    Let's see how much "relief" the Gulf Coast and AMERICA gets, compaired to Haiti. :rolleyes:
  20. Flash!

    Flash! Some say he once threw a microwave oven at a tramp

    Here's a good article about the blowout preventer:
    Two Mysteries Surround Gulf Oil Spill ... - ScienceInsider

    Of course, why the deadman switch didn't work, why this well didn't have a radio operated BOP and why the ROVs haven't been able to manually shut it yet are all still very valid questions.

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